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Welcome to the rat_photography group!


1. Post the introductory post when you join, please. We just want to know who you are.
2. No flaming. We aren't all expert photographers.
3. Please say something about the photographs you post, don't just put a bunch of images and leave the rest up for us to guess. (ex: camera settings, cute commentary, etc)
4. New rule: Do not just dump a bunch of poor quality photos into your picture post. This IS a photography community, so please put some thought into the quality of the pictures you post.
5. Do not post pictures of lab rats. This is not a science forum. It is strictly for those who keep rats for PETS.
6. More than one picture, and any picture over 400x300 MUST be lj-cut. If you don't do so, you will be warned once. Then your post will be deleted. After that, you will be banned. Please be considerate of people with custom layouts. Large pictures make waste of coding on friends view pages.


Here's what it looks like, for a preview.

Rat's names/sexes:
Camera(s) Being Used:
Anything else about you and your ratties:
Pictures (atleast one including you!):

copy and paste:

Beth Durham aka _makegodscringe

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